Jasmine Jasper

I moved to Vegas in my early 20s with no real plan. I talked a friend of mine into renting a room out of her roommates house so I’ll have a place to live. But with no plan on how I’d pay her rent. I slept on the floor while I was going through insurance school. Until I can pass the test (which took me 5 times) and get my license , land a job to buy a mattress. That 1st bed I bought was everything to me. After while I had 3 jobs going. State Farm, Bebe clothing store and atmosphere modeling. After years of working for other people I knew I wanted more for my life. When I had the same car that was struggling and I watched my State Farm boss get brand new vehicles that motivated me. I ended up meeting the love of my life and we loved over seas together. He was a professional basketball player after graduating from UNLV and his rookie year he played for a team in Ukraine and later we moved to Israel. Living over seas was eye opening for me. Made me appreciate life. Also gave me motivation to change mine once I got back to the states. Although at the time my relationship didn’t work out. And I left Israel heart broken. Moved home with my mom in California. She helped me get back on my feet. I felt like a failure. Then got the idea I wanted to live in Atlanta where my best friend lived! Moved there within a month. Luckily through all of this I kept my insurance license active so I was able to get a job and apartment easily. But still new I wanted to work for myself. Took a lash class for $1000. And by no time i rented a suite in buckhead off of Cheshire bridge rd and started to build clientele! After just a year in Atlanta I reconnected with my love and I moved back to Las Vegas. In vegas we needed an Esthetics license to do lashes. Attended Academy of hair design and landed my 1st lash job. Worked there for two years and the owner shut the entire shop down without my knowledge. Lost all clientele and a job. Again. Found a suite to rent not far from abuzz salon suites. Rented from them for some years and then had two salon suites going. I started renting out chairs to other lash artists and then started teaching class classes and techniques. Which then lead me to owning my own salon. Moral of the story. Don’t quit.

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