Danielle Willetts

– Little Dog Social Media –  We are awesome and we love our job and our customers :)

-currently have 40 employees  (OMG)   — 11 th year in business!

-love to employ Mom’s who want a job but also want to be a Mom. Flexibility BUT — also Responsibility!  MUST have both!

-Successful because we are dedicated to the process – communication to clients, focusing on the personal touch, staying on top of trends and educating clients on marketing ideas to implement.

-Successful because we have standard operating procedures!  This is how you do this task. Follow this roadmap to have happy customers.

– Constantly modifying and re-evaluating staff, procedures and planning accordingly.  Asking staff if they are content in their current position or do they want more?

-Networking and attending conventions to educate about our products and services.

– Growing the company at a rate that supports developed Account Groomers. Need to make sure staff are trained, confident and ready for clients.  Insurance social media is hard — the topics are not travel, food or entertainment — which are easy for social selling.

as the owner — Delegate to Elevate is my new motto!  Delegate as much as possible, so I can focus on growth of the company!  I’ve been lucky to be able to delegate lots of tasks to others!

Remote work enabled us to hire outside our community.  We are all still remote.  We still have our company culture – its just digital now –  the locals  get  together about once a month or so, and I visit the Carolina teams once every 3 months or so.

Every business needs to have a website, SEO and social media plan that is tended to daily.  Depending on the business will determine the platforms needed, but every business needs digital management.










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