Beth DeLaForest

I am President and Founder of Aspire Insurance Group Inc., a multi-location, full-service, boutique-style Independent Insurance Agency serving MN, WI, and IL.

I started in the insurance industry in 2001 as a receptionist at a captive insurance agency.

In 2010 I made a bold move and left the agency I was at for just shy of 10 years to start my own book of business from scratch ($0) on the independent side (this means I represent many companies and we shop and tailor coverage to our clients).

In 2014,  I took another leap of faith, bought the book of business I built, and started Aspire Insurance Group, Inc.,  I had a vision of creating a strong, healthy culture, with freedom at its core. Aspire grew organically via word-of-mouth marketing until 2020 when I navigated my first acquisition.

Currently, Aspire Insurance Group, Inc is a team of 9 and has a seven-figure valuation, more importantly, we have an incredible team who cares deeply about each other and our clients. I have a passion for company culture, modern-day leadership, innovation in the workplace, and growth and development. Throughout my journey, I have learned that our businesses, lives, and incomes will only grow to the edge in which we grow ourselves.  I love to come alongside others on this same growth path to share and encourage!

My journey thus far has been incredible, yet also sometimes wildly messy!

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